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    Chapters of Dissertation

    The chapters of dissertations are easier to understand and write if you know what they are for. Each one of the chapters implements a specific purpose that’s why it is necessary that you know the background of these parts. If you need any more additional details about the parts, you can read the articles about them. But for the mean time, let me https://editius.com/academic-editing/ list down the different chapters of dissertations.


    • Abstract – the summary of the paper. It can also be called the executive summary of the paper. It contains about 300 to 500 words
    • Introduction – the background idea of the topic. The dissertation paper needs to have an introductory part to acquaint the readers with the topic at hand. It is also the place to write thesis statements and hypotheses.
    • Literature review – the chapter that synthesizes every other material related to your topic. It is the way to increase the significance of discussing the topic interest.
    • Methodology – this part is the main segment that presents the details about how the data were gathered and analyzed. It should give the info on data gathering and data analysis.
    • Data and Discussion – it is a mixture of data in numerical form, table of information and discussions that will relate the data to the thesis statement.
    • Conclusion – this is the final chapter of dissertation. It is the resolution to the thesis statement problem. It can also be the summary of the entire paper.


    The chapters of dissertation are not too hard to write if you know their purpose. Now that you have a certain background about them, write the parts with ease.


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